Make Your Home Electrical System Do More For You


Having an electrician out to work on your home is expensive as it not only involves the electrical work, but often also involves opening up sections of your wall. That is why it is best to have as much work as possible done while the house is being built or an area is being remodeled. Consider some of these upgrades to make your electrical system do more for you.

Get Better Internet Coverage

Wireless internet products have made great strides in the past several years, but it can still be difficult to get solid coverage over a large area. This is compounded both by the number of devices in the average home, and the higher demands put on them by gaming and streaming. There are a couple of possible solutions to this problem. You purchase multiple devices to help boost your signal, or you could wire your house with ethernet.

However, both of these options are expensive and difficult to set up. Which is why your third, little known, choice may be the perfect one for you. It is possible to run a networking signal over your power lines. These systems work better if you have good wiring, so if you want to go this route, make sure your electrician knows. Once you have the system in place, you have an ethernet signal anywhere you have an electrical outlet. You can convert these outlets into either a wired or wireless connection.

Connect to the Internet of Things

Home automation is an amazing part of advancing technology. Being able to control your lights, your thermostat, or even turn on your oven remotely makes things simpler in a busy, busy world. As these devices run on an ethernet signal, your electrical wires make the perfect conduit, just like they do for getting your internet to the far end of the house. Again, the first step is install solid wiring into the house.

Unlike internet over electric wires, you do need to do a bit of planning if you intend to install any home automation. Since the industry is still in its infancy, there aren't any standards, so many devices won't talk to each other. To ensure that your phone doesn't fill up with apps for each device, you want to do some research ahead of time. Once you've decided which devices you want hooked into the system, you can find the solution that will minimize the number of controllers you need to run them all.

More Convenient Charging

Instead of having rechargable batteries all over the house, most devices now use built in batteries. All those batteries still need charging, and that means creating charging areas for them. While you are wiring the house, it is worth the effort to create a charging area for all your devices. A set of outlets near a shelf is a good start, as are outlets with built in USB ports. If you want, you can even go a step further and install wireless charging pads. Just like home automations, systems, there isn't a universal standard yet, so do your research before deciding on which devices you want to install.

While electrical is just electrical, to a certain extend, installing a high quality system will allow you to use your home's wiring to do more than just run power. Since so many of the things you use every day need to be plugged in, having solid wiring in your home is extremely important. Since you have to open the walls in order to upgrade this system, it is best to consider these upgrades while the house is still being built.


3 March 2015

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